Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Spot The Difference!

Ever wondered how TV and movie directors ensure their child stars settle in to film on cue? Well the truth is, there usually isn’t one baby playing the role. Our twins Griffyn and Nedrick know the industry tactics first-hand. The identical dynamic duo has just wrapped up filming the third and latest season of Channel Nine’s House Husbands.

House Husbands is a warm, fuzzy and amusing take on the everyday lives of four modern families, focusing on the one thing they all have in common, men! House Husbands has had two successful seasons with the third soon to be aired on our televisions.

Why do they need two babies for one character? Simply because children are unpredictable, their temperament can change depending on time of day etc. It is also by law in Victoria that a child under 3 years of age can only work for 4 hours a day, meaning the director can achieve more in the short time limit.

The bubbly, loud and happy boys have made us proud at Bettina for their recent work with House Husbands.  Mum Kristy shared with us that the boys love to play with their cars and trains and often had challenging times on the set, but also had many rewarding moments too. Who wouldn't have a shy moment when you’re in the spotlight?

A huge thank you to the boys’ parents for making it all possible, our fingers are crossed for further opportunities for them both.

Keep your eye out for the new season and see if you can spot the difference!

Left: Nedrick
Right: Griffyn

Friday, 2 May 2014

5 Common Industry Myths

Have questions about the child modelling industry? Here are 5 common industry myths exposed!

1. Only blonde haired and blue eyed children get work: This is untrue. Most clients value confidence, diversity and character faces above all else. Interaction with the camera and the client is key, after all, they want to see a child who shines on screen and in print!

2. Babies don't get work: At first glance, it's hard to imagine what babies might actually DO for modelling work, but if you turn on a TV or open a catalogue you will see beautiful bubs scattered everywhere! They are often used on TV series for shows like Offspring and House Husbands and for brands like Huggies, Bonds, Target, Myer, David Jones and lots more. 

3. Children must have acting or modelling experience to get work: False, clients rarely expect children under 12 to have experience. Of course, it helps to have a brief introduction to modelling or acting if possible as this may set you apart in the casting or audition. For demanding acting roles, some clients approach acting schools to book talent.

4. Clients choose the same children repeatedly: This may be true for a handful of talent but this will only last for a few weeks or months if a child is doing a particularly great job! Remember, children change clothing size, grow or lose teeth so clients are constantly on the hunt for new talent to fill the varied and diverse roles they receive. 

5. Children are expected to wear make-up: It's a common misconception that all jobs will be very glamorous and require lots of hair and make up. This is very far from the truth - clients want children to look like children, natural and fresh faced. It is all about having fun. If the child is having fun in the shoot, this will show in the final product. Older teens can wear a dab of lip gloss and a touch of foundation if the client agrees or has special requirements. 

Of course, the best thing to do is contact the agency whenever in doubt about any aspect of the industry or what is expected of you!