Friday, 28 November 2014

How to help your agent help you!

As a parent you play a vital role in your child’s career. It is important that you update all facets of your child’s AT2 profile on a regular basis so your agent can ensure the right information is passed on for all opportunities. 

Time is of the essence in this industry with jobs turning over quickly, so the more progress updates the better!

We have put together a checklist for you to ensure you are on track and filling in your child's AT2 profile in the best way possible.
NOTE: Your agent may have pre-filled in some of the below sections. 

1. ‘PROFILE’ section  

  • Select Ethnicity - this field is highly important. Note: you are able to tick more than one ethnicity.
  • Select Complexion. 
  • Select Hair colour.
  • Select Hair Length - please update regularly in accordance with hair cuts.
  • Select Eye colour.
  • Away Status - when you are unavailable, such as going on a holiday, we recommend filling in this section so our casting department know when you can’t attend castings.
  • Measurements - Fill in ALL fields. Update measurements & sizes every 6 weeks if your child is under 3 years and as often as possible for all other ages. 
For a detailed explanation of taking measurements and sizing we encourage you to read our previous blog 'A Fool Proof Guide to AT2 - Part 2' .

2. ‘PHOTOS’ section
  • You have 10 spaces on your profile to upload photos. These can be happy snaps from home, professional shots or skill related shots (eg; playing piano or dancing) and they can be taken on your phone. 
  • You MUST be able to see their body and face clearly in the images.

For instructions on how to take great head and body shots check out our previous blog 'How to take the perfect natural head and full body shot' and for how to upload check out 'A Fool Proof Guide to AT2 - Part 2'.

3. ‘RESUME’ section
  • It is a good idea to upload a resume containing name, education, list of jobs, castings and extra curricular activities/classes on your child's profile. 
  • If your child does not have vast experience a letter can also be great option and is a unique way to show off your child’s personality. 

Check out the following example written by Luke as a guide. 

  • Ensure resumes and letters are updated regularly according to your child's developments. 

For detailed instructions on what to include and how to upload a resume check out our previous blog 'A Fool Proof Guide to AT2 - Part 3'.

4. ‘SKILLS’ section

Ensure you have gone through all fields and inputted all of your child's skills:

                 - Accents
                - Languages
                - Instrumental
                - Dance
                - Vocal
                - Circus
                - Sports
                - Performance Skills
  • It is vital that you fill out this section, clients often look for specific skills for a campaign, so the more they know the better!

5. ‘VIDEO’ section
  • We suggest that you record a chat to camera of your child and upload it to their profile. This will provide clients with an insight into your child’s personality and show off their ability in front of the camera. 

For hints on how to create a chat to camera and upload to AT2 please read our previous blog 'Hits and Tips for how to film a chat to camera'.

If you require any help with any aspect of AT2 please contact Bettina HQ via the email address: or call our office on 1300 888 611.

We are always happy to help :)

Friday, 15 August 2014


Adding video to your child’s profile gives a client additional insight into your child’s personality and features whilst displaying their confidence in front of the camera. It is an added feature that can help to your child's future career possibilities. 

What is a chat to camera?

A chat to camera is a short introduction of your child speaking directly to the camera introducing themselves.

Clients are often requesting from our casting department chats to camera to grasp a better understand of the talent they are considering for a campaign. To already have a chat to camera uploaded to your child's AT2 profile is greatly beneficial and will greater the likelihood of your child being booked for a job. 

A chat to camera is great practice for your child. The more they practice being in front of the camera and getting comfortable with speaking about themselves the better. Clients will often request this at a casting or audition. We recommend playing the footage back to your child will help them to learn how they appear and sound on camera, if they need to project their voice more or hold more eye contact with the camera etc. 

No need to worry if you don’t have a video camera on hand, it is quite ok to film using a smart phone. Just ensure that the lighting is adequate and that the child’s face and features are clearly visible.

What to say in a chat to camera?

Introduce yourself with “Hi my name is….from Bettina Management.

Tell us a little bit about yourself; hobbies, favourite movie, do you have any pets. Anything that feels natural for your child. 

How to achieve a great chat to camera:

Shoot the audition in a medium close up (meaning a shot from mid chest up).

Film your chat to camera on a plain background and ensure the actor is clearly visible.

Be wary of background noises while making sure you are clearly audible. Even the slightest background noise such as muffling or distant voices can detract from the audition. 

Having a clear natural voice projection is key! Get your child to talk to the camera as if they are talking to you, a normal voice tone and volume.

Ensure that you play back the chat to camera before uploading to check that you can clearly see and hear your child.

We asked our resident actor from Bettina HQ to provide you with an example of a chat to camera and we have also included another showing to not be afraid to add personality.

How to upload your chat to camera?
  1. Log onto your child’s profile and select the ‘video’ tab
  2. Press the blue button ‘New Videos’
  3. Click ‘Add’ and select your chat to camera file and upload your video.
Once it is uploaded - your child's profile will look like this:
No need to remove existing videos on your child’s AT2 profile as it allows your child’s profile to have more than one video present on their profile at any one time just as long as they don't total more than 5 minutes in total. 

Just remember updating your child’s chat to camera on a regular basis is important to ensure client’s are receiving the most current and accurate representation of your child. 

Thanks Everyone!

Friday, 18 July 2014

How to take the perfect natural head and full body shot

Clients often  request up to date  images of our talent so they can be considered for a potential job or casting. These images need to be up to date, natural and taken within the past week so the client has an accurate representation of the child in the present moment. These images are a key element in your child’s success. First impressions are everything so it is vital you send our casting manager appropriate images to send to potential clients.

What type of shot do they require?

Our casting manager will request ONE head shot and ONE full body shot for the client. But what is a full body and head shot?
  • Full Body Shot: a photograph that shows a person from head to toe. 
  • Head Shot: a photograph of a person's head and shoulders.
We don’t need you to be a professional photographer but we do need you to meet these following requirements when taking pictures on your smartphone;

  • Keep the background of the image as plain as you can; e.g white wall/neutral colours, avoid busy backgrounds
  • Ensure no other faces or people are in the shot
  • Natural and even lighting is key. Ensure there are no shadows on the child’s face or body. The client wants to see your child the best they can!
  • No filters are to be added to the final shot
  • Photo must be taken front on only
  • Ensure the camera is level - no tilted angles
  • No eating or drinking in shot. The little ones often have accidents and dirty clothing cannot be helped but we cannot stress enough the importance of a clean face in the shot
  • Hair down but off the child's face
  • No hair accessories
  • No dummies in the child's mouth
  • Only send 3 photos max, time is of the essence! Pick your top 2 and send them. The quicker you send them to the casting manager the quicker they can be put forward to the client
  • Ensure the topic of your email is the child's full name. Labeling your photos correctly quickens the process

We understand the challenges of getting children to stay still but it is vital that you keep your child as still as possible for the shot so the image is not blurred or the child is not positioned at an awkward angle. The main focus of the shot is the child’s face and body so it is crucial that the client has a clear and front on view.
Below are examples to give you an idea of a preferable and not so preferable image to send to the casting manager. 

Non preferable head shot for baby                               Preferable image
- food on the child's face                                                 - looking directly at camera
                                                                                                  -  front on camera angle

Non preferable full body shot for baby                               Preferable image
- child is sitting, cannot see the whole body                           - looking directly at camera
                                                                                                        -  front on camera angle
                                                                                                               - can see from head to toe

Non preferable head shot for young child                               Preferable image
- food on the child's face                                                 - looking directly at camera
- cannot see child's face                                     -  hair down but can still see entire face

Non preferable full body shot for young girl                                Preferable image
- food on the child's face                                                     - looking directly at camera
- sitting down, cannot see child's entire body                                  -  front on camera angle
                                                                                  - can see entire body, hands by her side                                          

Preferable head shot for older child                               Preferable image
- smile
-hair down but can see entire face                                 - looking directly at camera
                                                                                                  -  front on camera angle
                                                                                            - clear view of child's full body

Feel free to refer back to these images when sending our casting manager images for a client.

Just remember to ask yourself is the image natural and is it the best representation of your child? 

A big thank you to our models Sienna, Holly and Lisa for helping us create this blog post!

Friday, 20 June 2014

A New and Improved Bettina Rewards

Exciting news!

Bettina Rewards has had a makeover.

Lifestyle Rewards, previously known as Club Lifestyle, has expanded to lifestyle travel, lifestyle shop and lifestyle tickets; essentially offering more ways for Bettina members to save!

Your Bettina rewards card gives you access to discounts and special offers across categories like;

ü  ‘Groceries and fuel’, with discounted vouchers from Coles, Woolworth and Caltex.
ü  ‘Entertainment’ with discounts on movies, theme parks, wine, bowling magazines, DVD’s and        Blu-rays; just to name a few.
ü  ‘Travel including accommodation and car hire.
ü  ‘Health and Beauty’ with savings on hair and beauty products.
ü  ‘House and Home’ with the likes of furniture etc.
ü  ‘Sight and Sound’ with savings on TV, phone and home theatre.
ü  ‘Outdoors and Leisure’ with savings on tours and adventures like jet boating, bridge climb and      many more.
ü  ‘Sport and fitness’ including gym memberships and sporting wear and equipment.

This little card covers a wide range of top name brands with over a whopping 10,000 retail outlets in the program. Here are just a few to get you excited;

David Jones           10% off        
Rebel Sport           10 % off
Dymocks               10% off        
Hairhouse Warehouse    12.5% off
Priceline                 10% off         
AND1                   15% off
Ticketmaster          10% off        
iSubscribe               10% off
Speedo                 15% off       
Mantra hotels, resorts    up to 50% off
Toys r Us              10% off         
Allianz                    10% off 
Specsavers            25% off         
Sportsco                10% off

School holidays are fast approaching and can be an expensive time for families but don’t forget you can use your Bettina Rewards card to get:

15% off SEAL LIFE Sydney Aquarium
15% off the Sydney Tower Eye and Skywalk
15% off Sydney’s Wild Life Zoo
15% off Dreamworld, White Water World and Wet n Wild.

 How to use

Now let’s move onto how you use this little beauty. The methods to redeem are the same as the older Bettina Rewards card. If you need a refresher or are new to the Bettina group check out our previous blog ‘Let your Bettina Rewards card reward you!’ for all the function details.

New Rewards App
Now to touch base on the Lifestyle Rewards app that lets you find those bargains anywhere, anytime. Lifestyle Rewards mobile app has also had a revamp. Check out the new and improved app design for both Android and iPhone.

It gets better, the app has a built in GPS so no matter where you are you can log in, walk around and it will simply point out where the nearest in-store discounts are available. Making those savings easier, fun and just maybe a little bit too convenient! 

 We hope you are just as excited about the huge amount of savings as we are ! Happy Saving :)

Friday, 13 June 2014

The What, the How and Why of AT2

What is AT2 and how does it work?

AT2 is an online casting tool used by Australian casting directors, agents and industry professionals. It serves as a platform for clients to seek talent through their online portfolios.

Talent Use:
AT2 creates a space for talent to manage their online portfolio complete with photographs, measurements, physical details and skills or hobbies. Uploading videos and a digital resume is also encouraged to increase chances of appealing to a client; the more information, the better.

AT2 is user-friendly and we have detailed blog posts to help you navigate your profile to update or change information.

Client Use:
Clients use AT2 as a casting search engine, to view briefs submitted by agents and sometimes to send briefs out themselves. Using a simple or advanced search, clients can enter specific details about the talent they wish to find, such as ‘blonde hair’ and ‘size 2’. The relevant options and agent contact details will appear so they can get in touch with the child.

Why should you use AT2?

AT2 is the best tool to assist your child to get the most out of the industry. AT2 is secure and trusted with a password protected profile and strict processes in place to ensure the utmost safety for your child. As the platform we use to submit talent for work, we can’t overestimate the need for your profile to be consistently up to date and filled in with as much information as possible; profiles are important for being noticed.

You can read our existing blogs on AT2 here for more information:

A Fool Proof Guide to AT2 – Part 1
A Fool Proof Guide to AT2 – Part 2
A Fool Proof Guide to AT2 – Part 3

If you have any questions that we have not covered please let me know:

Thanks everyone!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

Hello long weekend and of course Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! We must not forget the reason why we have this well-deserved and need extra day off. How many of you knew that Queen Elizabeth’s actual birthday is on April the 21st? And what the Queen actually does? Well we asked our very cute and very knowledgeable members on what they think about the Queen and her birthday.  

Age: 6
State: NSW

Why do you think you have a day off school for the Queen’s birthday?
Because it's special because she's the Queen of Australia.   
What do you think the Queen does?
I think she walks around the palace waiting for something to happen,  like a problem, in England or Australia, and then she sorts it out or maybe prays to God. 
What would you like to do if you were the King for a day?
I would like to go flying around in an airplane and then land in every country and sort things out.    
Did you know the Queen has two birthdays? Would you like to have two birthdays? How would you celebrate your two birthdays?
No I didn't know.  Yes I would like more than 2 birthdays!!  I would have a grand party and the biggest disco in the world and we'll go dancing for the rest of the night.   
What are you doing for the long weekend?
Playing soccer and going to my friends' house.  It will be awesome! 

Freddie was also lucky enough to meet Prince William and Princess Kate on their visit to Sydney earlier this year. Freddie sings in the St Andrew's Cathedral choir where Kate visited and said to Freddie that she 'had her eye on you all through the service. You were wonderful!' Freddie did comment that even though Kate was lovely he wishes he had of met Prince William. We love that he's not like everyone else who would jump at chance to meet Kate. 

Age: 6
State: VIC

Why do you think you have a day off school for the Queen’s birthday?
 Because we celebrate the Queen’s birthday because the queen is special to us.
What do you think the Queen does?
She has all birthdays around the world
What would you like to do if you were the Queen for a day?
I would walk around people and they will need to bow if they see me and when they talk to me I will say that you will need to bow when you talk to me.
Did you know the Queen has two birthdays? Would you like to have two birthdays? How would you celebrate your two birthdays?
Yes. I will have two cakes and I will celebrate and buy everything and I’ll get lots of presents, that’s how I love it.
What are you doing for the long weekend?
I’m gonna to go tap dancing and I’m gonna go piano and I’m going to go have a day of on Monday. YAY!

Age: 6
State: QLD

Why do you think you have a day off school for the Queen’s birthday?
 Because it is the Queen's birthday and you have to go to her party.
What do you think the Queen does?
She makes people do what she says.
What would you like to do if you were the Queen for a day?
I would make everyone do what I say. All kids can have a day off school and have free play!
Did you know the Queen has two birthdays? Would you like to have two birthdays? How would you celebrate your two birthdays?
Yes I would love to have 2 birthdays! I would go to Dreamworld on one birthday, and on the other birthday I would have a disco party with my friends!
What are you doing for the long weekend?
I am doing jazz and ballet classes on Saturday. Seeing my cousins and grandparents on Sunday. And spending lots of time at the beach with my family, if it is sunny!

Age: 7
State: QLD

Why do you think you have a day off school for the Queen’s birthday?
 Because.. Um it's the Queen's Birthday and we have I celebrate it because she looks after us.
What do you think the Queen does?
I don't know.. Gets presents.
What would you like to do if you were the King for a day?
Play mind craft on the iPad all day and make stuff.
Did you know the Queen has two birthdays? Would you like to have two birthdays? How would you celebrate your two birthdays?
have a mind craft birthday and a Lego birthday.
What are you doing for the long weekend?
Having a friend come over to play and have movie nights.

Have a great long weekend and we can't wait to celebrate with Willow at the Queen's party! :)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Spot The Difference!

Ever wondered how TV and movie directors ensure their child stars settle in to film on cue? Well the truth is, there usually isn’t one baby playing the role. Our twins Griffyn and Nedrick know the industry tactics first-hand. The identical dynamic duo has just wrapped up filming the third and latest season of Channel Nine’s House Husbands.

House Husbands is a warm, fuzzy and amusing take on the everyday lives of four modern families, focusing on the one thing they all have in common, men! House Husbands has had two successful seasons with the third soon to be aired on our televisions.

Why do they need two babies for one character? Simply because children are unpredictable, their temperament can change depending on time of day etc. It is also by law in Victoria that a child under 3 years of age can only work for 4 hours a day, meaning the director can achieve more in the short time limit.

The bubbly, loud and happy boys have made us proud at Bettina for their recent work with House Husbands.  Mum Kristy shared with us that the boys love to play with their cars and trains and often had challenging times on the set, but also had many rewarding moments too. Who wouldn't have a shy moment when you’re in the spotlight?

A huge thank you to the boys’ parents for making it all possible, our fingers are crossed for further opportunities for them both.

Keep your eye out for the new season and see if you can spot the difference!

Left: Nedrick
Right: Griffyn

Friday, 2 May 2014

5 Common Industry Myths

Have questions about the child modelling industry? Here are 5 common industry myths exposed!

1. Only blonde haired and blue eyed children get work: This is untrue. Most clients value confidence, diversity and character faces above all else. Interaction with the camera and the client is key, after all, they want to see a child who shines on screen and in print!

2. Babies don't get work: At first glance, it's hard to imagine what babies might actually DO for modelling work, but if you turn on a TV or open a catalogue you will see beautiful bubs scattered everywhere! They are often used on TV series for shows like Offspring and House Husbands and for brands like Huggies, Bonds, Target, Myer, David Jones and lots more. 

3. Children must have acting or modelling experience to get work: False, clients rarely expect children under 12 to have experience. Of course, it helps to have a brief introduction to modelling or acting if possible as this may set you apart in the casting or audition. For demanding acting roles, some clients approach acting schools to book talent.

4. Clients choose the same children repeatedly: This may be true for a handful of talent but this will only last for a few weeks or months if a child is doing a particularly great job! Remember, children change clothing size, grow or lose teeth so clients are constantly on the hunt for new talent to fill the varied and diverse roles they receive. 

5. Children are expected to wear make-up: It's a common misconception that all jobs will be very glamorous and require lots of hair and make up. This is very far from the truth - clients want children to look like children, natural and fresh faced. It is all about having fun. If the child is having fun in the shoot, this will show in the final product. Older teens can wear a dab of lip gloss and a touch of foundation if the client agrees or has special requirements. 

Of course, the best thing to do is contact the agency whenever in doubt about any aspect of the industry or what is expected of you! 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Flashback Friday!

For this Flashback Friday, we present two of our longtime favourite Bettina brothers - John and Luke! 

John and Luke have been with us since 2010 and over their 4 years with us have cast and worked for a long list of iconic brands including: Myer, Daily Telegraph, McDonalds, Kmart, Studio Bambini, Nutrigrain, Qantas, Cadbury, Bonds, Jeep, Speedo, Glen20, P&O Cruises, Just Jeans, Ksubi, Target, OPSM, GIO Insurance, Aldi, Best and Less and Toyota.

So congratulations boys, to your persistence and wonderful work over the past 4 years - here's to many more successful castings ahead!

John 2010 - current 

Luke 2010 - current 

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Boring (but important) Stuff

Earlier in the year we did a post defining many industry terms that are frequently used as a resource for parents - you can revisit it here >> Glossary of Terms

Now it's time for the financial terms - we have a few to keep it short and sweet - that define commonly used terms after your child has a job and is awaiting payment.

Tax-free threshold - The tax-free threshold has recently changed to $18,200. This means that children do not need to pay tax unless they earn over $18,200 per year (wouldn't that be great!). 

Hourly rate -  An hourly rate is an agreed amount where you will be paid per hour for the work that you do. 

Fixed rate - A fixed rate is a set amount agreed upon for a booking (unlike the hourly rate). 

Loadings - Loadings are paid in addition to the hourly or fixed rate. Loadings are usually unpredictable and we will only hear of these extra payments after the campaign or advertisement has launched, sometimes weeks after, sometimes months. This payment amount varies pending on where the images are displayed or where the ad is circulated. Generally, loadings come into play when the shots are used across different forms of media such as online, billboards or posters which wasn't the original intention for the campaign. 

Commission - Commission is the amount of money deducted from paid jobs. This amount varies according to the type of job you did, how much you got paid, and how long you worked for. For example, jobs on a small scale like extra's work, will only get 10-15% deducted for commission. However large jobs that earn the big bucks, such as TV commercials may be higher at 20% commission. Whenever you do a job, you will be sent the gross total amount of payment for the job (amount before commission deducted) along with the amount that has been taken out, so you can see the full figure. 

We encourage members to ask questions about aspects of the industry they feel unsure about so we are all on the same page, so remember you can give us a call or email on 1300 888 611 or

Friday, 21 February 2014

Tom Morgan goes to Hollywood!

Do you remember Tom Morgan's explosive dream-come-true last year? 

Just a few weeks ago, at the tender age of 16, Tom set off to Hollywood to take part in a week long intensive course under the guidance of industry professionals in Los Angeles. 

We spoke with Tom in September last year (you can read the interview here), after finding out that he had won an all expenses paid trip to take part in the Hollywood Immersive course courtesy of Bettina Management, Kids in Showbiz and Hollywood Immersive. 

In the interview, Tom shared his indescribable excitement at being offered the chance of a lifetime, and now with the trip complete, we asked him to share stories on his recent adventure and path for the future. 

Tom with Cindy Brady from the Brady Bunch (Susan Olsen)
First up, welcome home! Can you describe your experience in 3 words?
Humbling, Life-changing, Career-defining.

What was your highlight of the course?
There were tonnes of highlights, but my favourite part would probably have to be meeting Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch (pictured on the right) and learning what she had to say about acting and the acting industry. I also enjoyed filming my showreel on set at a park in Beverly Hills and also the ‘showcase’ on the last day where we performed in front of a few industry professionals.

What were the major things you took away from the course? That I needed to speak louder and clearer and stand still when I am performing. At the end of the course I found that I am now a much more confident person and speak louder in general conversations with people. This course does not just improve your acting skills it also improves your speaking skills and public speaking skills, which is also an important part of acting, especially if you want to win an Oscar.

What did you think of Hollywood? I loved Hollywood, it would have to be the best place I have been to hands down. I am absolutely in love with Hollywood, it is surprisingly a lot more different than Melbourne and Australia and I would love to go to Hollywood again just for a holiday, so that I could see the landmarks like the Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, Paramount Studios, Sunset Boulevard, etc.

Can you give us a brief idea of what a typical day was like? A typical day would consist of waking up at about seven o’clock to do exercise then having a quick shower, getting dressed and going to an acting studio to do acting classes from about ten till five. We were taught by Andrew Schaifer who has appeared in movies such as The Wedding Singer and Deuce Bigalow and is also a very, very funny bloke.

Looking to the future, what do you see ahead? In the future I am looking to keep on going with my acting classes and audition for jobs and acting roles frequently in the hope that I will land a role in a movie or T.V. series.

What was your biggest inspiration on the journey? The SAG’s (Screen Actors Guild Awards) were on at the same time that I was in Hollywood and watching them and their acceptance speeches inspired me a lot. An acceptance speech that really inspired me was the acceptance speech of Bryan Cranston. It reminded me never to give up and made me realise that the good times will come

‘I’ve had so many crappy jobs in my life, I gotta tell ya, I loaded trucks downtown, the only thing that got me through was imagining, dreaming that one day I could actually make a living as an actor that’s what got me through’. 

It really does sound like the journey of a lifetime. We are so proud of Tom and know that with his determination and talent, he will succeed in fulfilling his dreams. Watch this space! 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Industry Lingo

Booked - This means talent have been confirmed for a job with one of our clients. Congratulations!

Brief - A brief is a notice the casting department receives from a client. The brief is an outline of roles the client are looking to cast. This is how we know who to put forward, e.g. 4 year old girls or 10 year old boys of Asian descent. 

Call-sheet - A call-sheet will be sent to talent the day before a job, usually for film and TV. It is generally sent late in the afternoon and it will have all the details about where talent need to be, what time and what scenes need to be shot on the day. 

Call-time - A call-time is what is found on the call-sheet. It will have talent name, role, agent and what time talent will be required. 

Cancellation - Unfortunately the client, for a variety of reasons, is no longer is able or willing to proceed with the scheduled booking or shoot. 

Casting call - This means talent have been confirmed to attend a casting (meet and greet) with one of our clients to check suitability for a role they have in mind. 

Chat to camera - Usually popular in an audition for TV or film work, the client will ask talent to speak directly to the camera either saying a few lines or an introduction. This gives the client a good idea about confidence and speaking ability on film. 

Checking availability - Checking availability means that a client is interested in a child, but has not confirmed them for a job. In order to start organising the schedule, they often check to see if potential talent are available on the shoot dates.

Client -  A person or organisation using the services of Bettina Management to book talent, e.g. Target.

Fitting - A fitting is a paid job where a client requests a model to try on various outfits who meets specific sizing requirements. 

Show reel - Advanced artists usually have a show reel to 'showcase' their previous TV commercials and work they have featured in. They collate all the work together to put into one short video so a client can quickly see them acting in different scenarios. 

Member - A member is a person who is signed with Bettina Management for representation. 

On hold - On hold for a shoot or booking means that a child has been shortlisted for the role, and must be available - if required - for the shoot dates. 

Self-test - A self-test is an audition filmed from home. This must be sent to us so we can pass onto the client. All relevant details would be supplied. 

Wardrobe call - A wardrobe call is generally for film and TV. This is when you are called in to try on outfits and costumes before shooting or filming. You are paid for a wardrobe call. 

Weather check - If you are booked for a job, a client may let us know that the shoot is booked *weather permitting*. This means that the shoot will be outdoors, and they will need to check closer to the date to ensure the weather is suitable. If it isn't - the shoot will be rescheduled.