Friday, 20 September 2013

Tom Morgan wins a trip to Hollywood

                            TOM MORGAN | 15 | MELBOURNE


Sixteen days shy of his 16th birthday, Tom Morgan became one step closer to his.

On an unsuspecting Saturday morning, Tom and Mum Jo-Anne attended a Casting Seminar presented by Lilly Dawson under the impression they were due to attend an audition afterwards. The ‘audition’ was cleverly crafted to ensure Tom’s attendance at the event amidst a planned presentation by Lilly and Bettina.  

Lilly Dawson, from Lilly Dawson Casting and Hollywood Immersive, said Tom was chosen for the prize based on his brilliant attitude, talent, great look and ability to take on a challenge. ‘He is not afraid and tackles everything with enthusiasm and excitement regardless of his limited experience. It was a very emotional moment for Tom and his Mum and I think I may have even shed a tear or two myself!'

Hollywood, in the district of Los Angeles and globally renowned for its thriving entertainment industry and cultivation of celebrity careers, will be Tom’s destination in January as he packs his bags to jet off for a week long intensive Hollywood Immersive Acting course. The all expenses paid trip and course is courtesy of Bettina Management, the Kids in Showbiz Program and Hollywood Immersive. The experience will thrust Tom in the limelight to meet with key Hollywood agents, producers and directors.

Mum Jo-Anne, Bettina, Tom and Lilly
Mum Jo-Anne told us yesterday that 'it was absolutely surreal, this is a dream come true for Tom.'

We caught up with Tom after the excitement of the weekend to find out more about him and how he was feeling about the looming trip and future acting ambitions.

How are you feeling about Saturday, was it anything you could have ever imagined?
No, it’s not. I was completely surprised and shocked at what happened.’

How did it feel telling your family and friends?
'It felt good, mum told all my family but I told all my friends and most of them didn’t believe me so I had to show them proof!'

When did you first realise you wanted to be an Actor and Model?
'I’ve always loved acting because I love watching movies and TV shows, and I also realised that modelling leads into acting and if I was to be in the modelling industry it would improve my chances of being in the acting industry as well.'

Being an Aspire Entertainment student, Tom says that participation in professional classes have helped with his confidence in reassuring him that putting in the hard yards will ultimately be rewarding.  

A seasoned rover, having travelled to New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji, South Africa and Hawaii already, Tom will be making his debut on the American mainland. He says he is most looking forward to see how professional actors go about things and also being able to experience what it would be like living in LA. 'My biggest goal is to become a professional actor, similar to actors like Angelina Jolie who do humanitarian work for underprivileged people.'

Tom’s advice to aspiring actors and models is to ‘not be put off by the thought of being rejected in order to get where you want to go, you will most likely be rejected many more times than you are accepted.’ While acknowledging many dream big and large, Tom says that exposure to the American acting industry would be an ideal outcome, but says he is happy to simply come back to Australia knowing much more about what it takes to be a professional actor.

Tom exudes calmness and determination even when wrapped up in the excitement of this life changing prize. Lilly admits ‘Tom wants this dream – there is no doubt and it shows.'

Look out, Hollywood!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Bettina Management Stories

'Mason really loved doing the Jeep commercial, this was his first job and all the people were fantastic! When I asked him if he would do it again he replied "oh yeah". We were made to feel so welcome and they all loved Mason and said he did really well, Mason was very proud of himself and this experience has given him more confidence. He liked meeting all the other children and playing hide and seek. Mason can't wait to see himself on tv!!' - Rebecca, Melbourne

'We were very excited to get the call to tell us that Charlotte had been selected to walk the catwalk at Pandora's new season jewellery release. Charlotte was so excited to go on stage and just couldn't wait for her turn. She did a fantastic job, smiling and interacting and showing off her jewellery. It was truly a wonderful experience. She was made to feel very special and comfortable. She can't wait for what else might be around the corner!'  - Michelle, Perth 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Why didn't I get the job?

Getting a casting is very exciting...

Whether you're a seasoned auditioner or it's your first time, there is always a chance that you may not get chosen for the role.

Ever wondered why this might be? 

There are many steps involved before we receive a brief for a casting from a client. Often, every detail included in the brief is carefully planned and considered for the advertisement, catalogue or acting role in question. Alternatively, the client could only have a rough idea of what they are looking for and open the door to different options; relying heavily on our opinion and skills to match the brief accordingly. Clients may realise upon receiving submissions, which type of child would add the right character to the role. 

Walking out of the casting feeling like it went really well is comforting, but it pays to remember that clients might like all of the talent, and still have to choose someone based on a collaborative decision. Mostly, we are not told why talent are unsuccessful, similar to adults auditioning for modelling and acting roles. However, experience has suggested that these are a few reasons that contribute to missing out: 

  • If they have to cast for parents, one child could suit the 'family' more than others and create a more realistic look
  • The child role could be cancelled at the last minute or changed to a different age group
  • Your availability for shooting dates and flexibility may not suit schedule
  • Another child may resemble more so, what the client has in mind for the brand upon meeting in person
  • Personality is key. It makes the choice easy for the client if one child comes in rather shy, followed by someone who is excited to be there and confident in their interactions. 
  • Experience can sometimes play a part, especially for older children in acting roles. This can be evident straight away with introductions and reading of scripts (this is where acting courses can help significantly to assist with scoring the role) 
  • It's subjective to different photographers and different producers across the board - we could think someone resembles the role but the client will choose differently depending on a range of other factors
  • Upon meeting talent, the client could change their mind about the type of child they would like for the role, nothing is set in stone!

So remember, every casting that you attend will help with confidence for the next one. 
Try not to get disheartened about these processes, chalk it all up to experience!