Friday, 26 July 2013

A Communication Guide

Hi all,

Please refer to this table for any contact you need to make with our office!

Hopefully it is helpful in terms of direct contact.

Contact details:

Contact Number
1300 888 611
Aspire Entertainment (VIC)
1300 658 012
Attitude Studios
1300 662 674
1300 8527 8478
Castings feedback
1300 888 611
Classes (NSW, QLD, WA)
1300 888 611
Customer Relations
1300 888 611
Rewards Card
03 9417 9000
Social Media
1300 888 611

Who to contact when?
Accounts: Clarification on membership payments or anything financial

Aspire Entertainment: Booking courses or for further information

Attitude Studios:  To order additional photographs or to follow up pre purchased orders

AT2: Enquiries about online profile, making amendments to details

Castings: Ask for Anna regarding job payments

Classes: If you are in NSW, QLD or WA and are in need of your complimentary classes, it is your responsibility to contact us to book them in. Classes are run quarterly on set dates, if you are unable to make a date you will be placed on a waiting list and be contacted for the next round, to enquire about dates or to book.

Customer relations: Enquiries regarding your child’s profile including progress, updating details or general membership queries

Rewards Card: Enquiries about rewards card details or to follow up replacement cards

Social Media: If you have any questions about open casting calls posted on Facebook, any job listings posted, questions or ideas for the blog, behind the scene shots or unpaid job images to be posted.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Open Casting Calls on Facebook

Just a quick post to remind everyone the reasons that we post status updates requesting non-members for castings in what we call an 'open casting call'.

The main purpose of an open casting call on Facebook is to reach an audience of talent that we do not already represent. Sometimes we receive briefs from clients that request ages and categories that we can not fulfill from our talent pool such as parents, grandparents and newborn babies (we represent talent from 5 months of age). We find that Facebook is a great way to meet our client's needs while also giving someone an exciting opportunity.  

An example of an open casting call will look like this:

So from this instance, you can see that not only are we looking for talent in a state where we do not represent any talent; Adelaide, but we are also needing newborns AND parents. 

Another situation where we would post a request on Facebook is if we are after a very particular and specific skill or ability which is not stated on any current members' profiles, or only on a few profiles and we want to ensure no-one misses out if they newly have the skill or failed to list it. 

Here is an example:

In this instance, we wanted to ensure that we have covered all of our bases in submitting Spanish speaking children to the client. These types of posts are for members only and the distinction is clear with the post addressing 'Melbourne members' as opposed to 'Attention any Adelaide families!'

Lastly, many thanks for all of your ongoing help with open casting calls and please contact us if any of the above is unclear XX