Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Should I take advantage of unpaid work?

AT2 is a great space for interacting with the future leaders of the entertainment world. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and more often than not - they need our help. Opportunities are endless with upcoming directors, photographers, independent clothing labels, independent music labels, boutique companies, university students and charity organisations using AT2 as a platform to find suitable talent for their projects. 

Messages that you receive in your Brief Inbox (in AT2) will always be from non-paying clients and will always stipulate 'NON-PAID project' on the brief. These will be from AT2 (not us) and you need to contact the client directly for further information. For all paid work opportunities you will be contacted directly by the Bettina office.(Refer to this blog post for more: Casting 101).

Even though there is no money involved, there are many benefits to participating in unpaid work:

1. Experience and resume building

2. Confidence building 
3. Attending auditions helps to improve skills so you can learn to nail it every time
4. Keepsakes in the forms of photographs, videos, music clips for bragging rights and your own hall of fame!

Here are some beautiful examples of just some of the unpaid work our talent have been involved in this year:

AT2 is a secure and trusted site. All potential clients undergo security and working with children checks required by law. If you ever have concerns or questions about a particular client or job offer, don't forget that we are here to guide you through the processes. We are here to give our advice about age appropriate projects, content you are unsure of and things like time expectations for filming/shooting to ensure you are partaking in what will promise to be a highly enjoyable experience. 

At the completion of any such project, we would love to hear from you if we haven't already. Please send any Behind the Scenes shots or completed works to: and be sure to add it to your child's profile for maximum exposure. You can check out this post on AT2 photo uploading or this post on AT2 video and resume uploading for assistance if required.  

Video above: Special thanks to (in order of appearance) Amelia, Annalise and Ella all Brianna Lehrke Photography, L'oreal Fashion Festival 'How to be a Fashionista' expo with (L-R) Mia, Amber, Mimi & Tyler, followed by Imani, Isaac and Joey for Brianna Lehrke Photography, Jonathon in the paper for a short film, Jonathon in a still from a music video clip for Rufus - Take Me, Romani shooting a short film, Shakaya for RMIT fashion shoot, Shalyn for Caitlin Morey Photography and Mariam for papier mache magazine.

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