Friday, 13 September 2013

Bettina Management Stories

'Mason really loved doing the Jeep commercial, this was his first job and all the people were fantastic! When I asked him if he would do it again he replied "oh yeah". We were made to feel so welcome and they all loved Mason and said he did really well, Mason was very proud of himself and this experience has given him more confidence. He liked meeting all the other children and playing hide and seek. Mason can't wait to see himself on tv!!' - Rebecca, Melbourne

'We were very excited to get the call to tell us that Charlotte had been selected to walk the catwalk at Pandora's new season jewellery release. Charlotte was so excited to go on stage and just couldn't wait for her turn. She did a fantastic job, smiling and interacting and showing off her jewellery. It was truly a wonderful experience. She was made to feel very special and comfortable. She can't wait for what else might be around the corner!'  - Michelle, Perth 

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