Thursday, 24 October 2013

Brisbane & Perth Modelling Classes

We had a peek at our Perth and Brisbane members in action at their complimentary modelling class!

Members in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth receieve a modelling and acting class with their membership to ensure they are taught the basic skills required for photo shoots and castings. It's also a beneficial opportunity to gauge member's abilities while interacting with other children. 

Perth Modelling teacher and talent scout Gloria, says that her favourite part of the class is the fashion parade at the end. 

'To see the transformation and the look on the kids faces, the difference in the posture, and their confidence.. to me, is very satisfying.'

Children are taught Modelling 101 from stance, posture, gestures, walk, footing, turns to an array of poses and facial expression techniques. While scrubbing up on these essentials are crucial to display confidence in a casting, they are also skills that can be practiced at home and shared with friends. 

Gloria says the children 'come in shy and walk out with excitement and new friends, the parents love the fashion parade - it shows how much their child has learnt.' 

With a teacher and assistant present, stand out performances and unique skills are noted and passed over to the casting department to assist with the casting process. It's also a great way for us to meet with members and parents again to discuss new developments or extra-curricular activities. 

If you are a member and have not yet booked in for your complimentary class, please do so by emailing or calling us on 1300 888 611. 

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