Friday, 15 November 2013

Self-test audition help!

Do you know what a self-test audition tape is? 

Recently we have had a few requests for talent to record their audition for us to send to the clients. 

This is a growing request, particularly with the expansion of easy to use technologies. These requests have also been popular in states such as Western Australia and Queensland as cities are relatively more dispersed and driving time to a casting can take longer.

To ensure all of our talent have the best opportunity possible when requested to send a self-test audition tape, we have compiled a list of essential tips. 

1. Film your audition on a plain background and ensure the actor is clearly visible. 

2. Get a family member or friend involved to read the other part of the script- they don't have to be a good actor, even if they simply say the words on the script it will bring the audition to life. 

3. Be wary of background noises while making sure you are clearly audible. Even the slightest background noise such as muffling or distant voices can detract from the audition. 

4. File must be in appropriate format: .mov .mp4 .m4v - you can convert a file to mp4 here simply by uploading your video.  

5. Label your file - most casting directors will alert us to how they would like the file to be named, but if they don't, ensure it is labelled with Name_Project_Role. A file named '12345audition.mp4' has the capacity to get lost or to be discarded. 

6. Shoot the audition in a medium close up, which means a shot from the actors shoulders up, followed by a long shot at the end where the actor must state their name, age and height to the camera. 

7. Upload to a free video sharing site like Vimeo or Hightail. You can find easy to use instructions for these sites here and here. Then all you have to do is send us the link and cross your fingers!

The above points are a guide, remember we are here to offer advice and further tips during business hours if your child is requested to cast for a self-test audition. The casting director will also have specific requirements relevant to their processes which will need to be adhered to, these will be sent to you with your audition request!

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