Friday, 10 January 2014

Important Posts

Welcome back to all of our members and their families!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxed festive break.

As we launch into the New Year, we want to remind you of some handy blog posts that will help you along your journey. Whether you are a seasoned member, or new to the Bettina group, it is always helpful to refresh your memory when it comes to casting tips and etiquette, AT2 and membership advice.  

A Fool Proof Guide to AT2: Part 1

A Fool Proof Guide to AT2: Part 2

A Fool Proof Guide to AT2: Part 3

Rewards Card
Let your Bettina Rewards Card reward you

Casting 101: Part 1

Casting 101: Part 2

Casting 101: Part 3

General Advice
Why didn't I get the job?

6 Key Casting Attire Tips

First Casting Jitters

While we are on the topic of reminders, it would be handy if everyone could please make sure all SIZES on AT2 are accurate and recent photographs are uploaded to the profile.

If anyone needs any help with this, please don't hesitate to contact us - we are only a phone call away! xx

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