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Adding video to your child’s profile gives a client additional insight into your child’s personality and features whilst displaying their confidence in front of the camera. It is an added feature that can help to your child's future career possibilities. 

What is a chat to camera?

A chat to camera is a short introduction of your child speaking directly to the camera introducing themselves.

Clients are often requesting from our casting department chats to camera to grasp a better understand of the talent they are considering for a campaign. To already have a chat to camera uploaded to your child's AT2 profile is greatly beneficial and will greater the likelihood of your child being booked for a job. 

A chat to camera is great practice for your child. The more they practice being in front of the camera and getting comfortable with speaking about themselves the better. Clients will often request this at a casting or audition. We recommend playing the footage back to your child will help them to learn how they appear and sound on camera, if they need to project their voice more or hold more eye contact with the camera etc. 

No need to worry if you don’t have a video camera on hand, it is quite ok to film using a smart phone. Just ensure that the lighting is adequate and that the child’s face and features are clearly visible.

What to say in a chat to camera?

Introduce yourself with “Hi my name is….from Bettina Management.

Tell us a little bit about yourself; hobbies, favourite movie, do you have any pets. Anything that feels natural for your child. 

How to achieve a great chat to camera:

Shoot the audition in a medium close up (meaning a shot from mid chest up).

Film your chat to camera on a plain background and ensure the actor is clearly visible.

Be wary of background noises while making sure you are clearly audible. Even the slightest background noise such as muffling or distant voices can detract from the audition. 

Having a clear natural voice projection is key! Get your child to talk to the camera as if they are talking to you, a normal voice tone and volume.

Ensure that you play back the chat to camera before uploading to check that you can clearly see and hear your child.

We asked our resident actor from Bettina HQ to provide you with an example of a chat to camera and we have also included another showing to not be afraid to add personality.

How to upload your chat to camera?
  1. Log onto your child’s profile and select the ‘video’ tab
  2. Press the blue button ‘New Videos’
  3. Click ‘Add’ and select your chat to camera file and upload your video.
Once it is uploaded - your child's profile will look like this:
No need to remove existing videos on your child’s AT2 profile as it allows your child’s profile to have more than one video present on their profile at any one time just as long as they don't total more than 5 minutes in total. 

Just remember updating your child’s chat to camera on a regular basis is important to ensure client’s are receiving the most current and accurate representation of your child. 

Thanks Everyone!

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