Monday, 6 May 2013

First Casting Jitters!

It's 4pm on a Monday, you've just received a call that your child has been requested for your first casting....and it's tomorrow, at 10am! The excitement over receiving that first casting, the call you've been waiting for, is overcome by a sudden wave of nerves. What do I need to wear? What should I expect? ? How many other children will be there? 
Let's overcome some of the most common questions about heading to a casting so that you and child both can waltz in at ease and with confidence. 

What do I dress my child in? If it is for a photographic shoot, think about the company you are going to the casting for. Is it Target or is it Witchery Junior? Have a look at the website and at the clothes they are advertising, think about what would be appropriate for the brand, so don't go to a Target casting in a gorgeous shiny dress but instead opt for something cute & casual like jeans and a jacket. Vice versa for other brands - don't go to a Witchery Junior casting wearing tracksuit pants or runners (probably goes without saying but you never know!) If it's a casting for a TV commercial; cute, bright and neat clothes are a must. Make sure shoes are clean! Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impression. 

What will happen once I get there? Always try and arrive early enough to be able to find a car park! About 5-10 minutes before your appointment time go into the office or building, make yourself known to the receptionist and take a seat and wait to be called. All casting directors meet with children on a regular basis so the atmosphere will be welcoming. Most casting directors are usually working to a deadline and can be very pressed for time - if you are rushed, do not take this personally! It's part of their job to get through things quickly. Depending on the role, you could be there for only 5 minutes to have a quick chat and photo taken - or you could be there for 10-15 minutes if there were lines to be learned prior to the casting. At about 7 years of age, try and let your child go into the room alone. This will demonstrate independence and a willingness to engage with new people, obviously don't force this upon your child should he/she be feeling nervous (especially if it is the first one)!

Do we get paid to go to the casting? No. A casting is like a job interview, the client will need to meet and assess talent before making any decisions! Similar to when you came in to Bettina Management for an interview. 

When do we find out if we were successful? Do we get a call? The successful child/ren can be chosen at any time - just as you are waiting for a call with news, we are too! It is not common practice to call each and every child after they go in for a casting to let them know they haven't been selected. If you haven't heard anything in 3-4 days, give us a call to double check. We can let you know if we've received a response yet or not! Successful talent will be notified as soon as we receive the news, first point of contact is calling Mum or Dad's mobile (whoever answers first!), so make sure you keep your phone on you in the days following the casting. The booking of a job can also happen quite quickly, or your child may be requested to go in for a fitting or a callback (which you do get paid for)!  

Is there anything else that stresses you out about going to a casting? Does anyone have any funny stories from their first casting?

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