Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

We are all getting very excited here at Bettina HQ to shower our mums with some extra (and much deserved!) love and attention on such a special day. I asked around the office to see what a few of the girls had in store –

Our receptionist Amelia is one step ahead of everyone, probably winning first prize for the delightful daughter gig by having a bouquet of red roses delivered to her mum at lunch time today!

Our talent scout Jo says that her husband has a ‘surprise’ planned, and by ‘surprise’, she states she has a pretty good idea that it will be something winery related but has kept the lid shut on her source!

Our assistant manager Tallulah probably wins first prize for most creative present. When asked how she will be spoiling her mum – she informed us that her mum will be enjoying a three course meal while listening to the soothing voice of none other than Tallulah herself singing at the restaurant! Now that’s a good present!

Our national manager Ronel will be cooking homemade lasagna for her mum, followed by a delicious dessert that is ‘yet to be confirmed’, and in typical Ronel style, will probably be confirmed an hour before show time!

Our class coordinator Brodie will be spending the day baking gluten free goodies for both mum and office, hopefully enough to last us the week!

Talent coordinator Eloise and I (Jade) will be attending the Mother’s Day Classic which is a walk/run (depending on fitness abilities which in our case, aren’t too exceptional!) to support and raise awareness for breast cancer. 

Our casting manager Anna and talent booker Jayne will spend the day absorbed in food and chats at family lunches, enjoying both of these things in equal and healthy measure!

Lastly, our talent coordinator Henrietta will be spending the day missing her mum and sending virtual hugs and kisses all the way to rural South Australia!

So everyone, wherever you are and whatever you are doing – enjoy!

Here is Brodie's mum about to devour aforementioned home backed gluten free goodie!

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