Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why can't any agency guarantee work?

Sometimes as a new parent to the industry, it can be hard to understand why no agency can guarantee work for you.. no matter how cute your child is!

It's important to understand that the 'role' of an agent is to be just that - your agent. We don't operate as a marketing or advertising company and by all means aren't telepathic/magical beings/fortune tellers and cannot see into the future or the minds of our clients (as much as we would love to be able to do all of these things)!

It's sometimes easy to think of it as similar to the way a real estate agent works. Basically, a real estate agent will put your house up for sale and market the house to the best of their ability - yet can't promise that someone will buy it. (They can't predict the future either! Boo). What they can do however, is use their expertise and experience to gain insightful knowledge to learn what works, what doesn't and how to be the best of their kind. We do this too.

The client occupies all decision making and indeed need to choose the 'right' person for the job to represent their company. 'Right' could mean a few things: exceptional at cartwheeling/martial arts/ice skating/surf lifesaving/diver/tennis player etc., looks undoubtedly similar to the parent or sibling role that has already been filled, has amazing red hair, missing two front teeth, Sri Lankan, a 10 month baby that can walk, a 12 month baby that can't yet walk.. you get the idea! Other times, it is simply 'Could we please see a brunette size 0 boy'! or 'Could we please see 12 year old Chinese girls'..  It is important to know that for a lot of the time, it is never as simple as just being photogenic.

Every child is wonderfully unique and the process of receiving/ not receiving jobs should never be taken to heart. The industry is unpredictable but exciting. It'll bore you when it's slow but whip you out of your chair when it's fast, and most importantly; intended to be fun for all involved.

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