Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My child did a shoot, how do I find the photos?!

Waiting for a catalogue to come out can be really frustrating, we are all anticipating that exhilaration when we see a familiar face representing one of Australia's leading brands.

Usually no designated date exists, so we are unable to pen it in our diary or scribble it on the whiteboard next to the fridge. It's a waiting game, and what a wait! Most large retailers like Target, Myer, David Jones, Best and Less, Kmart, Big W and Aldi can be quite spontaneous with a time frame, which is usually around 4-12 weeks before the catalogue is produced.

So what does this mean for you as parents and us as an agent?

Luckily, with the acceleration and prominence of online shopping and brand presence, we all have easy access to catalogues at the touch of a keypad (or mouse)! Most companies publish their new catalogues on a Wednesday or Thursday. After the shoot, check the relevant website to make sure you don't miss it - we do the same. Also, it can't hurt to 'Like' the company page on Facebook as well, it is common for companies to do status updates to alert customers when a new catalogue has become available or they may use your child's picture in an alternative source of advertising on the Facebook page.

We will try to get to the image in question first and email you/ post it on Facebook, but if you happen to beat us to it with speedier fingers or an earlier coffee - do let us know, we love seeing the final products and congratulating all the kids involved.


Jayda & Lucy for Target

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