Thursday, 30 May 2013

Let your Bettina Rewards card reward you!

As Bettina members, you become the new owner of a shiny black, white and purple card with the words 'Bettina rewards' splashed over it. Your Bettina Rewards card is exclusive to you. It offers benefits and savings with thousands of retail outlets and service providers throughout Australia. So how much power does this new addition to your wallet actually have? Where are the rewards and how can you use them accordingly?

Let's look at the boring stuff first: logging in. (NB. You will receive this card in the mail with a welcome letter)

Above is a picture of a rewards card. As you can see there is a Card Number and an Expiration date.

Go to this website:

Enter username and password as follows:

Username: BTM12345 (your card number)
Password: CITIZEN (your surname in capitals)

Once done successfully, this discount filled page should appear:

So where to from here?

As you will be able to see, the opportunities are endless. There are theme parks, electronics, automotive, fashion, fitness, health, beauty, travel and many more outlets to get serious discounts and serious savings from.

What can get kind of confusing though, is whether you need to pre purchase the product on line to redeem the savings or if you can simply wave it at the cashier as you casually stroll out of the shop.

The difference is clearly defined in the product that you choose, for example if you wanted the Speedo 15% off deal; you can see that it says: 'Present your membership card displaying the Club Lifestyle logo to receive 15% off full priced merchandise. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.'

Similarly, to redeem  your 25% discount for Phillip Island Nature Parks - it states: 'To receive 25% discount on 3 Parks Pass present your member card at Churchill Island, Koala Conservation Centre or Penguin Parade to redeem your discount'.

Now, for purchasing online - it is also quite clear on how/when to do this. Let's look at movie tickets (yay) and in this case Village Cinema discounts:

As you can see, the 40% discount (how great is that?) is only redeemable by purchasing online and then printing off and presenting to cashier.

Some of the bigger brands on the site are: Coles, Ishka, OPSM, Sydney & Melbourne Aquarium, Gold Coast theme parks, Bras & Things, Bevilles, Hairhouse Warehouse etc. etc.. The list goes on!

Please be aware though, that these brands are susceptible to change and you must adhere to the terms and conditions before purchasing to ensure that you fully understand the limits of the purchase (such as how long it is valid for, if there are designated stores, when it is exempt and so on).

Also, Club Lifestyle has gone mobile! You can download the app from the App Store for easier deal searching for free. You can follow this link to download it here if you haven't already: Download App You can purchase deals, enter competitions, search hot offers and check out what's new.. a really fun (and maybe dangerous) way to shop, no matter where you are.

We want you to benefit from the rewards card as much as possible. As usual, contact us with any issues or you can contact Club Lifestyle directly. Call the Rewards Customer Service Centre on 1300 886 787.

Thanks everyone x

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